MLA Vermilion-Lloydminster

Following a successful career as a veterinary doctor in Lloydminster, Richard was elected as the MLA for Vermilion-Lloydminster in 2012, and became Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation in 2013.

Through the years of being a small business owner, Rotary member, volunteer, veterinarian and public servant, Richard’s family was always his focus and a priority. Richard and his wife Alison have two sons, Roland and Alastair, two cats, and their ever popular Bernese Mountain Dog Liesl – who has quite the following on Twitter!

Meet Richard


I believe we need a strong voice that upholds the original values and principles of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta – a fiscally conservative, socially progressive political party dedicated to good governance. This starts by establishing a respectful and transparent engagement between party members, elected Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and elected officials. Through this we will inspire and mentor the next generation of Alberta leaders, while restoring public confidence and trust in our party.



I will work tirelessly to re-establish Alberta’s position in Canada as the best province to live, learn, work, play, and grow old.


I will be a passionate voice for Albertans, our economy and our industries, so that as a province we are strongly positioned through the remainder of this century.


I believe in prudent, conservative principles of fiscal responsibility reflecting careful stewardship of public resources.


I support rural and urban Albertans, setting a vision and policy framework that works for all communities.


I will ensure Albertans consistently receive excellent quality, cost-effective public services, including health care, education and social supports.


I commit to building Alberta’s reputation as a world leader in environmentally responsible energy production.


I believe in providing respectful, inclusive, appropriate and effective supports to all vulnerable Albertans who require them, be they children, seniors or anyone facing discrimination of any kind.


I commit to restoring public confidence and trust in the PC Party, by proving that politics can be done with integrity, dignity and respect.

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Anyone who knows Richard Starke knows he is a man of strong conviction, compassion, leadership abilities and integrity. I have known Richard both personally and professionally for many years as a fellow community volunteer, through his work on the health foundation, as a fellow Rotarian, as a dear friend and also our trusted vet.

With Richard Starke – a man with an unshakeable moral compass and dedication to his community and province – as our next leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, I have renewed faith in the future of Alberta.

Keith Weinbender

Realtor Lloydminster, Alberta

I confidently endorse Dr. Richard Starke for the leadership of PCAA. Richard has had a remarkable impact on the lives of young Albertans, including myself. He supports initiatives to protect the health of Alberta's youth like Flavour...Gone, invests his time to encourage youth to be engaged in community and politics, and is a mentor and role model that leads with integrity and passion.

Jianna Marin

Political Science Student at Macewan University

I know that Richard Starke is the right person to lead the Progressive Conservative Party because he is truly Albertan. Richard does an incredible job supporting the youth of our party always taking time to share his experiences with PCYA members and often attending PCYA events. With a substantial history of youth involvement Richard serves as a great role model for our new generation of Progressive Conservatives.

Adam Brown

Vice President — Policy, Progressive Conservative Youth of Alberta

You can send mail to the Richard Starke Leadership Campaign at:
1202 50 Avenue Lloydminster AB T9V 0C1